Order of Sacred Heart



The Order of Sacred Heart will help Divine Mercy Catholic Church in all areas of ministry as needed. Those who desire to become members will live as servants to Jesus Christ who under His protection are to be a people of God’s Word and prayer.


The Order is open to all lay men and women, married and single, and requires a period of postulancy (candidacy) and the novitiate (training) before for final profession. Members of the Order will be ordained as extraordinary ministers of the church. Women will have the title of Sister and men will have the title of Brother.

Rule and Order of Life

    • Daily Scripture Study
    • Daily Prayer
    • Daily prayer for the spiritual protection for the Church
    • Daily Intercessory Prayer for the Clergy
    • Weekly Eucharist
    • Continual Spiritual Warfare Prayer
    • Continual Use of their Charismatic Gifts
    • Service to the Liturgy
    • Weekly Prayer for Healing
    • Service to the Poor

For more information, please contact Father Michael